Many times, images uploaded by editors will only be used in one page. So can a more convenient way of managing assets be added?
For example, if the editor is editing /aaa/bbb/ccc, he can upload the image img.jpg directly in the page, and the image will be automatically stored in a path like /i/aaa/bbb/ccc/img.jpg. Within this page, the editor can use the image directly by url "img.jpg", and the html renderer will automatically complete the image url to "/i/aaa/bbb/ccc/img.jpg".
When the editor deletes all img.jpg from the page and clicks Render, the renderer checks if the files under /i/aaa/bbb/ccc/ are used in the page. If not used, the file is deleted. Administrators can see the size of the assets owned by each page.
This helps simplify the rules of image uploading and can remove images that are no longer used in a timely manner. Developers can set users to only allow access to assets on that page to enhance asset security.